Aces Cracked 1-2-3

Poker Room This promotion will run on Tuesdays, December 11 - 25, 2018 from 7am-11am.

When a player is dealt pocket aces (AA as their hole cards) and loses the entire pot, the player will win $100.  If the player loses holding both RED or BLACK Aces, they will be awarded $200.

Maximum payout of three (3) payouts per hour with a maximum of 2 on the same table within the hour. 2 maximum payouts for the same table within the hour, one payout allowed during the first half hour. If there is no winner during the first half hour, two payouts will be allowed at the same table during the last half hour.

If 2 players in the same hand lose with pocket Aces, both players will be paid and it will count as 2 of the payouts for the hour.  

The time at the start of the hand dealt is the time that determines the payout, not when the hand is completed.

The start time of the hand is determined by the clock at the Brush podium in the Poker Room.

To win players must show all cards at the end of the hand.

The Aces Cracked must be verified by the dealer and poker room supervisor.

Player must receive the Aces Cracked in a jackpot eligible Hold’em Game.

In any situation involving side pots or a split of a pot in which a player having pocket aces receives any portion of the pot (or side pot), that player does not qualify.

Discussion of the hand in progress and/or encouraging another player to call a bet to meet the pot minimum may disqualify the player for that promotional hand.

Cost for this promotion will be deducted from the Hold’em jackpot fund.


Must be a B Connected member to participate. Must be 21 years of age or older with an unexpired government issued photo ID. Reduced rate games do not qualify. Management reserves all rights. See Poker Room for additional details.