Jacks Can't Lose

Poker Room Wednesdays from 7:00am-3:00pm in February 2018

When a player is dealt pocket Jacks (JJ as their hole cards) and WINS the player will receive $75.

If the player LOSES the entire pot, including any side pot(s), they receive a $150.

The hand must be played to the end to receive any award(s).

All hands must be verified by the dealer and poker room supervisor.

Player must receive the hand(s) in a jackpot eligible Hold’em Game.

There is a $30 pot minimum.

Maximum of 2 payouts per table per hour.

Discussion of the hand in progress and/or encouraging another player to call a bet to meet the pot minimum may disqualify the player for that promotional hand.


Management reserves all rights. Cost for this promotion will be deducted from the Hold’em jackpot fund. Must be a member of B Connected, present a valid government issued ID and be 21 years of age or older. Players must be swiped in via BRAVO at the table prior to receiving a qualifying hand to be eligible for the promotion.