Swing Shift High Hand of the Hour

Poker Room The IP Poker Room will run a High Hand promotion on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, January 5 - 27, 2021 from 5:00pm - 10:00pm.

Players may win $100 each hour. There is no rollover for this High Hand promotion.

There must be a live action jackpot eligible Hold’em game for at least 30 minutes or more of the hour to qualify.

Game(s) must run for the full hour for any payout.

The minimum qualifying hand will be Kings Full of anything or better.

Players must play both cards in their hand to be eligible. 

The promotion is free and open to all players playing in a live action jackpot eligible Hold’em game. Players must be actively playing to receive the prize.  (Broken Games are not eligible) $30 minimum in the pot.   

Discussion of the hand in progress and/or encouraging another player to call a bet to meet the pot minimum may disqualify the player for that promotional hand.


Must be 21 years of age or older. Must be a B Connected Club member and present a valid government issued i.d. Player must be logged in at the table via BRAVO prior to making a High Hand and actively playing to be eligible. Membership is free and open to the public. All funds for this promotion will be deducted from the Hold’em Jackpot Fund. Management reserves all rights. The Mississippi Gaming Commission reserves the right to investigate any and all complaints and disputes regarding tournaments, promotions, and drawings. Such disputes and complaints will be resolved in accordance with the Mississippi Gaming Control Act and Mississippi Gaming Commission.